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2016 Campaign

D.B. Cooper
Remember D.B. Cooper?

No I’m not really running again. 2016 is a write-in campaign which has no chance of success, but I am doing this because I was asked by Libertarians who have helped me in the past. It also gives me an excuse to write the final chapter for this website. This website was complete by 2008 except for the pages “Where I Stand”, “2010 Campaign” and this page. My fundamental analysis has not changed in the last eight years and neither have the fundamental facts.

I have been mostly inactive for the past six years and took the time I formerly spent on public issues and devoted it to grandchildren. But I kept reading and maintained contact with a few old activist friends. I did spend time listening to “normal” citizens voicing their concerns – gun control, terrorism, economics, etc. I did a lot of thinking about why so little progress towards peace and prosperity has been made in my lifetime and concluded that it was because of the basic characteristics of human nature – we are born ignorant and must learn through trial and error; we have primal urges to steal, murder and lie, and it takes a lifetime to learn that these urges are destructive. I also did a lot of reading on propaganda, mind-control and media. The result is a three-hour video entitled “People Are Stupid -- A History of The National Security State”. You can find it on youtube by searching that title. This website can now be accessed by either “” or “”.

In the past six years there has been progress in research on 9/11 but our citizens are still ignorant of what actually happened. The national security state (“warfare state”) and the violence which it engenders continue to grow and frighten “normal” citizens who can’t, for the life of them, imagine why so many people in the Middle East hate us. I don’t think any of this is going to change soon, for human nature and stupidity are not changing. I could have gone into more detail in my video, but three hours is long enough. But whether three hours or thirty hours, I don’t think anyone can accept the terrible things that are happening or have happened unless they do research themselves and stare the evidence in the face. You won’t find the truth on mainstream media. So I commend to you my video, which outlines research methods, characteristics of reliable evidence, experts and events worthy of investigation. Below is the video and also a Free MP3 that you can download and listen to.

Free MP3