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Why The Media Won't Do It:

Democracy could work, if the citizens actually knew the facts. Based on my experience as a trial attorney, I know that, when the jury is informed of all the evidence, they will make the right decision. The problem is that our citizenry depends upon mainstream media to provide the evidence. The military-industrial- governmental complex know this, and they have taken steps to interrupt the process.

Here are eight reasons why we will never get the facts from mainstream media:

1. Individual decision makers. If media actually disclosed the poisonous and repulsive things our govt. does, most people would change the channel. This happened with Bill Moyer's television show. It was just too repulsive for most folks to deal with. The closest we have to the truth today are "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report' which cloak repulsive truth in humor to make it palatable.
2. Naturally-occurring societal self-censorship. Groups naturally filter out truths which makes the group look bad. Examples: the 27,000 Vietnamese civilians our CIA admitted they killed with one bullet each in the back of the head (after first torturing them); the over 500,000 Iraqi children we killed through our embargo (which did nothing to cause the ouster of Saddam); etc. These repulsive truths are vaporized by an unspoken agreement of citizens at all levels of society.
3. Mainstream media is primarily owned by a few large organizations which, in turn, are owned by, or own, segments of the military-industrial-congressional complex. Example: General Electric-owned media will not disseminate facts undermining war, because it sells a lot of products to the war machine.
4. Media relies upon the state for its very existence through licenses and taxes and dare not fundamentally offend its master. This was clear through the FCC's recent rules change allowing more concentration. Mainstream media compliance brought them favorable rules.
5. Media needs government-induced murder and mayhem for news content. The ability of media to deliver news vastly exceeds the ability of God to create news and therefore the media has to be creative to find content -- witness the creation of the celebrity, entertainment as news and "reality" shows. Endless wars and related threats provide badly-needed content.
6. U.S. Intelligence agencies have intentionally compromised portions of mainstream media. The Church Senate Committee On Intelligence proved this -- over 200 reporters, columnists and editors on the payroll of the CIA; CIA-backed book publishers; government-leaked information in return for adopting government approved editorial or content bias; etc.
7. Reporters' sloth and low standards, which reflect our broader society, drugged out of its mind by the unreality of television, movies and advertising. Sloth causes media to accept government and corporate press releases on their face value and to not investigate.
8. Individuals within the Media who think they have ethnic connections with the state of Israel slant news to favor the U.S. and State of Israel's shared values of violence and destabilization.

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Life is beautiful. Mainstream media mucks it up so it becomes ugly and incomprehensible. Bypass mainstream media and discover the beauty of life for yourself, directly.